Wednesday 14 May 2008

Amanda and Chris

Amanda, who I share an office with, is getting married on Saturday. Over the last months we've had lots of wedding conversations and I've loved being included in her planning. One of the details we've discussed is the something old something new tradition and Amanda has included a silver sixpence in her shoe, which I had never heard before. I've just finished this pair of Seduction socks to give to her tomorrow, her last day at work as a single girl, and I'm going to tell her the tradition actually has another line 'and a pair of socks I've knit for you'. She is wearing under her wedding dress a gorgeous pair of lace up ivory satin Victorian boots, she could wear the socks easily (just kidding Amanda).
All the girls from the admin team will be there to see her and Chris married, we can't wait but I must admit Amanda has been a bit quieter than usual this final week. I told her today that I'm feeling a bit nervy for her, she says times that by 1,000 and thats how she feels. It will be wonderful, she will look stunning and we shall all have a ball, Scottish weddings are brilliant.

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