Sunday 18 May 2008

Mr and Mrs

They did it, beautiful Amanda and handsome Chris were married on Saturday. It all went so well, I have never seen the girl look so absolutely gorgeous or permanently smiley (but then I mostly see her in a work situation). The rest of the team had a good weep and I dished out the tissues, we loved it.
Such a busy weekend for me, Mr FF and I were up in Perthshire for his professional institution's annual summer weekend. I had planned to get the express bus back down to Edinburgh for the wedding but left it a tad late to book and the one that suited my timing was full. I suggested to Mr FF that I stay home until after the wedding and then join him for the remainder of the weekend. His response was 'I've booked it now', which is Yorkshire speak for 'darling I'd much prefer to have you with me on Friday and Saturday morning'. In the end he brought me down, came home to visit Cleo (kindly being fed by a neighbour) and watched the cup final. I managed to finish my yummy wedding meal, rather rushing the pudding and fully expecting to be sick in the car, before the dash back north for a reception (which we missed) and another meal. By 10.30 I was in the bath soaking my throbbing feet (high heels, standing and dashing about having taken their toll) and asleep shortly after that.
Still all worth it, and the socks, did she wear them, who knows.

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