Friday, 31 August 2007

On the Needles

I'm not a promiscuous knitter, I usually stick to one project and finish that before starting another. At present I'm busy with this baby blanket in a fanned feathered pattern from here. (Joanne please note I've learnt to do the clicky linky thing myself, doesn't mean I'll be any more IT literate at work though.) Thanks to Whiteworks for the free pattern, I'm really enjoying using it. The yarn is Patons 100% cotton 4 ply, I found 3 x 100g balls in a charity shop for about £2.50 and adjusted the needle size to give a good firm tension, the final dimensions are not that important.

However, I didn't want to drag the whole blanket out to Italy so allowed myself to start a pair of socks using Opal Crazy while I was away. I'm delighted with the way this wool knits, it really lives up to its name. It was so hot in Italy that knitting in the day time was not comfortable, quite often after lunch I'd go into the cool of the house and sit down to knit a few rows, I'd be hot and flustered before I'd finished a round. Evenings were better and I did manage to finish one sock. Haven't started the other yet, I'm now wondering whether to finish the blanket or start the second sock, see thats the trouble when you take on more than one thing.

I'm currently in discussion with British Airways about being able to take knitting needles on our transatlantic flight in October. I spoke to a very helpful woman at BA who firstly thought I couldn't and then thought I could. I downloaded some information from the Transportation Security Administration on permitted and prohibited items that lists knitting needles in the permitted category. I've decided to take some short double pointed wooden needles, plus some Opal, so hopefully I can knit socks there and back. I'll show them at check in and at security with my TSA information and hope for the best, at worst they'll take the needles away and I'll still have the wool, at best the flight will be a bit more enjoyable and productive.

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