Monday, 20 August 2007

Mission Accomplished

We had two weeks to source materials and complete the reconstruction of the irrigation house in our Italian garden, and made it - just, thanks mainly to Mr Flip Flops starting work at 6 am, continuing until the early afternoon heat, generally around 30 deg C, got the better of him then starting again around 4 pm and working until dark. During the two weeks he lost more than 14 lbs in weight and set fire to the garden fence whilst melting the roof tar with his blow torch, but the watering can was close at hand and no harm done. To the left hand side, where the door leads into the building, we put down new steps and hardstanding. We arranged for our neighbour and a local builder who are much more experienced in the art of stucco to complete the rendering, this will be a rough finish that will be painted the same dusky pink as the main house. The first building we've completed in Italy :

When I wasn't acting as builder's labourer, cook, cleaner or gardener I did manage to repaint two of the bedroom windows and shutters, they all dismantle easily so I was able to work in the shady part of the garden and not at great height.

and if it all sounds like a lot of hard work that's because it was. But it was also very rewarding, we had fun times with friends in the village, good lunches and a few trips out, more of that another day.

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