Saturday, 25 August 2007

Domestic Bliss

Domestic duties in Italy are no hardship. For me some of the most mundane tasks leave the happiest memories. You hang out the washing and almost before you've finished pegging it up its dry. I don't iron the sheets just put them straight back on the bed full of sunshine and mountain air.

Even mopping and sweeping are a pleasure and offer the chance to admire my toes. I think its important that my nail varnish matches my cleaning equipment.

Towards the end of our holiday our friends came out from Rome for lunch, a proper long lunch under the trees in the garden with a doze on the sun loungers afterwards. We'd mentioned on the phone that on the way to buy parts for the central heating system, we'd stopped in the local spa town and eaten Amarena ice cream. Franco explained that this is made from wild cherries and suggested we might find the syrup in the shops, though we didn't seem to find time to look. When he and his wife came to visit they brought us Amarena Fabbri, in the beautiful blue jar, a squeezy bottle of Amarena Tops and a bottle of Strega, all perfect for pouring onto ice cream, which is exactly what we did. Franco also recommends drowning ice cream in hot strong coffee so we did that with the second helping.

No more Italian blogs for a while but I will finish this one with the view from our bedroom window - stupendo

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