Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Knitting with a purpose

Usually I don’t take knitting commissions because I am not interested in tackling a horribly complicated garment that requires much concentration and more hours of work than most people can imagine.  When I was selling my knitting in the local craft shop I’d happily produce the socks and scarves that I wanted to make, likewise when knitting gifts I decide on the pattern.

However I gave a friend a shawl I’d made and she liked it so much she asked for another in a different colour.  The Easy Peazy Shawlette lives up to its name so much so that I persuaded my friend she could probably knit one herself.  She is currently practising with borrowed needles, yarn and stitch markers.  I’ve answered quite a few questions and given links to several YouTube tutorials, she’s getting there.

Then my sister in law asked for some socks to gift to her niece.  I didn’t have many pairs in stock as before Christmas I sold quite a lot to other residents with the money going towards a defibrillator for our building.  So I cast on the Simple Skyp socks, are you spotting the common denominator here.  

It’s very satisfying having two undemanding projects on the go, to be honest I cannot knit the shawl in the evenings as it’s hard to see what I am doing without sitting directing under a lamp wearing a head torch.  I also like the idea that neither project will go into the bag of finished articles but promptly leave the penthouse.  I may not take orders but these two projects give me a feeling of order and I am really enjoying them.  I am happy to say my knitting mojo is definitely back. 

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  1. You are putting your talent to good use. Well done!