Friday, 17 March 2023

Italian idiosyncrasy

We hadn’t heard anything about the Italian water situation for a while so this week MrFF contacted the neighbour who has the contract with Acea, the water authority.  We have now paid for our meter to be relocated and had the necessary pipes installed in our private road, as far as we know that is because of course getting definite information is impossible.

The neighbour replied immediately saying she is a polite person and has not been updating us because of our subterfuge. I assume she refers to the fact that we decided where we wanted our pipes in our private road and insisted on that.  She said she was only keeping the other, obviously more submissive than us,  neighbours informed but would tell us that she has a meeting with Acea next Friday.  We replied with a thank you, see we can be polite too.

We then contacted one of the other neighbours who understands the water board are coming out to check the quality of the water.  Our supply comes from an underground source up the mountain, there is no cleaning system, never has been and we have never known the water to be analysed.  Since our so called condominium of 4 properties had so far expended about 20,000 euros to relocate our meters it might have made sense to check the water before this happened.  But then the uk version of sense, like the Italian version of politeness, is different.


  1. Tut, tut, stop being subversive is the message I see. There is a certain comic element to all this and I hope the water is sparking fresh at the end of the saga.

  2. weaver of grass17 March 2023 at 15:11

    It all sounds so wearing on the nervous system long distance. Hope you have enjoyed your relatively mild winter in Ilkley. When are you planning to return to Italy?

  3. Gosh, no guarantees what the end result will be like? I don't like the odds. Good luck with that!

  4. All Sounds like a nightmare. I hope you get it resolved soon

  5. It's interesting how the concept of politeness can vary so much! It all sounds like good progress to me so fingers crossed for you here.