Wednesday, 23 February 2022

My eyes are watery

This afternoon I received this photo from our lovely Danish neighbour who was taking a walk on the road above our house.  Can you see them in front of the gatepost? 

It makes me happy and sad in equal parts but Grigio and Enrico are fine and together.  It’s almost March, covid restrictions are being removed, the weather is improving.  We just have to be patient a little while longer, we just have to miss each other for a few more weeks.  

Thanks Pernille



  1. The time will fly and soon you will be together with them again!

  2. Looks lovely and sunny - and warm too.

  3. How lovely to see the cats!
    I wonder if they will be excited to see you, or be rather aloof, in the way that cats are so good at!

  4. It will be so wonderful for you to go back and be reunited with them again. Hopefully soon.

  5. Looks like they are waiting for you to return and open the gates.