Saturday, 12 February 2022

Happy weekend

After my last post I sent a cashmere jumper I hadn’t worn for years, the sleeves were always far too long, to be recycled by Turtle Doves.  Five days later I received these beautiful cashmere gloves produced from someone else’s old jumper.


They are perfect, elegantly long, soft and stylish.  I didn’t specify any colour as I wanted a surprise, these couldn’t be better.  I paid £3 for return postage and of course the cost of sending my jumper, a small price to pay for these lovely gloves and to free up a bit of space in my wardrobe. 

What else is making me happy on this cold blustery Saturday.  

I have finally planted up the large new pots I bought for the balcony, they had been languishing in the lounge for a few weeks as it’s been so windy on the top floor they couldn’t be outside empty for fear of blowing away.  It isn’t exactly calm now but the pots are full of compost so they are secure even if the little plants are getting a battering.  I didn’t use anything expensive or exotic, dwarf bamboo, some dark grasses and red ajuga, as they may not survive a summer without us.  The intention is to have a pot in each corner of our balcony but for now and whilst we are not sitting outside I want to see them from the lounge, this isn’t a permanent arrangement

My amaryllis is magnificent and brightening the kitchen, when I am not in there I am on the sofa knitting socks whilst watching the Winter Olympics.  Have a great weekend, keep cosy.


  1. Here it has been positively uncosy today - gale and rain. Love the gloves

  2. That amaryllis is gorgeous, just like a bunch of rubies! And two more buds still to come, I think.

  3. Love the balcony arrangement: a touch of the tropical with Yorkshire mist beyond.

  4. I have a pair of Turtle Doves mitts too, they are great.