Sunday, 26 December 2021

Boxing Day

Our Christmas was calm and cosy, exactly what I wanted.  MrFF’s insistence that he would forage for our Christmas meal late on Christmas Eve was a success, he came home with a duck crown with stuffing and plum sauce reduced to half price.  My culinary skills decline in proportion to the amount of Prosecco I drink so I need something foolproof, this was easy and delicious.

Beautiful gifts from family, my brother and sister in law must have remembered me telling them that when we returned to the penthouse after 13 months I spent an hour looking for my George Forman grill before realising I don’t have one here.  They gave us just the right one to replace that which never existed.   Candles and smellies, food and drink treats and pretty scarves all made me happy.

MrFF managed the £5 stocking challenge.  Despite many forays to the charity shops with much moaning that he couldn’t find anything and was sick of looking, I received a very nice water bottle so I can hydrate on my power walks, books and a sort of advent calendar of pretty stud earrings, 12 pairs in total.

It was just the Christmas I wanted, no over consumption, no extravagant gifts, plenty of recycling, much peace, messages from Italy.  What more could I ever need.

It’s Boxing Day, we have a white world outside and it’s very quiet in the building, we shall have a lazy day and be thankful for what we have and where we are.   I hope your dreams came true this Christmas.


  1. Glad you had a good looks tremendous. Glad you had the kind of time you hoped for. Same here - amused many friends with my letter from Santa and left them full of admiration for both the scarf and the socks.

  2. Mr FF did well! I love anything to do with Nigella, she is so entertaining. I went to her book signing once and have a copy with her signature. That was a lovely way to spend Christmas day. Haven't had duck in ages, time to try something new!

  3. Your Christmas sounds like the perfect version that I long for!
    I have found charity shops to be a great source of cook books. Our nearest recently had a copy of every Nigella book published - I was able to fill all my gaps. The Italian one is great (they all are).
    Happy New Year!

  4. I'm a bit late on this, but: I wish you calm and cosy Christmas and peaceful New Year! It seems to me you have more snow than we do, but isn't it nice to have a real White Christmas 😃

  5. Mr FF triumphed again! What did you buy for him? Glad your Christmas was a good one. Happy New Year to you! xx