Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Happy Christmas

When I called in at the local craft shop at the weekend I was gifted these two comes of yarn.  They are acrylic which I don’t like but for my purpose they were fine.

The wreath is models own, made by my sister in law

I have knitted 7 of these tiny sock decorations, a pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits, which I returned to the shop to be sold for charity or gifted to good customers.  Of course I should have thought about doing this months ago not a few days before Christmas, remind me in June to start again as I still have a lot of yarn.  I might even make a few more now and do a secret Santa round our building.

This week we visited my brother briefly and safely after negative covid tests to exchanged our gifts.  We also saw two of our grand nieces which was lovely even if they got over excited about their parcels and did a lot of squishing.  I asked the 11 year old is she was pleased that Emma Raducanu the young teenage tennis player had won the tv sports personality of the year award.  No she replied I wanted Tyson Fury to win, if you don’t know he is a heavy weight boxer from the travelling community.

So we are set for Christmas apart from buying food which isn’t a major concern, it will be the two of us as usual so we shall have a piece of beef or I might bake a ham. And it may be time to stop the mince pies.  I got on the scales this morning and seem to have added a few pounds, maybe making up for last year’s deficit wasn’t such a good idea

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas, keep safe and well


  1. Happy Christmas to you too!
    It's a few years since there was just the two of us for Christmas and I look back on those occasions with great fondness. Having family to share it with is of course, equally wonderful.
    As for the mince pies, I have always felt that if I haven't put a few pounds on over Christmas, it can't have been that good!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and MrFF too, Jen. Oh, mincemeat tarts - mine didn't turn out but luckily a friend gifted me with a few. We will have them on Saturday with the plum pudding.

  3. Christmas Greetings to you both too - and here's to a better New Year.

  4. Happy Christmas to you and Mr FF, Jenny! xxx

  5. Sadly I’ve had to concede and admit I haven’t left sufficient time for all the crafty stuff I’d intended.I’ve put an entry on my To Do List in September 2022 for next year, and am now moving on to the baking.
    Have a lovely time.

  6. What a delightful surprise! I have never had a personal letter from Santa before and really it was so thoughtful of his one elf in particular at this hectic time to take the trouble to pack and send those beautiful socks and neck warmer and in my favourite colours too,You may be surprised to know that although you put stamps on and sent it Royal Mail it was delivered by Hermes - so I presume if Santa's sleigh is too full Hermes help him out. I cannot thank you enough - such a love;y kind thought. I will be in touch after Christmas - and have a healthy and happy one. Pat