Saturday, 25 September 2021

I didn’t expect that

As usual our lovely cat Grigio appeared within minutes of us pulling into the drive.  She ran up the road with plenty to say, in good condition and pleased to see us.  Giovanni our neighbour must have heard us arrive too as quickly there was a text to say Enrico was at his house, wrong Enrico was in his way down and despite spending a month at Giovanni’s he is now reinstalled here with Grigio.  They are a delight to have around.

Even after only a month the house was really dirty, very dusty, cobwebs and dead insects, the bathrooms had become fly cemeteries.  I’d left cleaner in the toilets but they were stained with limescale and horrible so there has been a lot of cleaning to do.  We left the penthouse for 13 months yet it only needed dusting after all that time.

However the biggest surprise was the terrace pots.  We’d moved everything to the front of the house under a timed sprinkler.  It was a scene of devastation when we returned,  big pots tipped over, lots plants pulled out by the roots, compost everywhere.  We have no idea what caused such destruction, maybe a gang of porcupines or wild boar.  There are big holes in the adjacent border and also in the lawn at the other side of the house.  I’ve never seen anything like it, I spent half a day replanting and sweeping.

So not the return we expected, however the weather is lovely, temperatures in the high 20s, lots of sunshine and most of garden looks lovely if a little overgrown.  We still have a few tomatoes, a few peppers, lots of grapes and figs.  MrFF has cut the lawns, we are presentable and enjoying al fresco breakfasts and outdoor showers once more.

We have made contact with friends and neighbours, a trip to the market yesterday, we are out to lunch tomorrow, Piero has delivered pecorino and ricotta.  I think after the weekend normal Italian life will be fully restored by which I mean the terrace work will be starting, all the tiles will come up to install a new damp proof course, cue more dust and exhaustion, as I said normal Italian life.  As you can see the terrace is clear of most pots ready for the work to begin although I’m sure it would be a safer place for my plants.


  1. I do love to hear of your cats and how pleased they are to see you. Turned chiily here in the Dales and very cloudy so you are not missing much inthe way of weather.

  2. Decidedly autumnal here (my pool was closed today) so I am really envious of your pleasant weather. Now that you are well installed you shouldn't have any more nocturnal visitors to wreck your borders! Looking forward to following your adventures as you and Mr FF work on your property.

  3. What a mess to come back to. It never ceases to amaze me how much havoc can be wreaked by the local wildlife in a short time chez nous. How lovely to have your cats and warm sunshine to compensate for the extra housework.

  4. I'm so glad that the cats are safely back with you. It would have been interesting to see what caused all the damage on your patio. Mr FF ought to set up some kind of motion detector camera. Hope the new work on the terrace isn't as messy as you are expecting. Enjoy the sunshine, I am putting off wearing socks as long as possible but it won't be long before I give in!