Saturday, 2 October 2021


I am pleased to report that we all seem to have our lives back in balance.  

The cats are very relaxed and enjoying a happy routine of eating and sleeping with the occasional trip round garden.  

MrFF is busy replacing some fencing and not mentioning quite so often how tired he is.  He is of course still trying to unlock his internet device, the providers after being reminded they are legally bound to facilitate this asked for information already submitted.  This may be long standing strategy, they are not the first organisation here that we’ve had to point out to already have what they now ask for.   He has also done a lot of investigation on the best way to waterproof the terrace and is having doubts that it can be completed before we leave for winter.  I’m fine with that, we can put down a waterproof cover, tackle the job in spring and take things  a little easier until we leave.

We are so back to normal.  We managed an al fresco lunch on Friday, with 3 Danish friends and 1 Danish dog, a well behaved and cat friendly dog though Grigio did feel the need to defend her food dish with a little hissing.

I am happy that I’ve got the house reasonably clean and the garden tidy.  I have spotted signs of the changing season, the wild cyclamen are in flower and little pots of chrysanthemum planted out from previous years and now large clumps are bursting into flower.  But I am an autumn denier, I don’t believe winter is coming.  We still have warm days, we still sleep under a single sheet and have the terrace doors open until we go to bed,  a few different flowers means nothing. You’ll be telling me next the leaves are going to fall off the trees.


  1. Going to fall? They have already started back in Yorkshire!

  2. It sounds and looks wonderful. Shall I make you feel really smug by telling you that the weather here in Blighty is absolutely horrid.
    Going to Yorkshire tomorrow, surely the sun will shine? (Ha ha.)

  3. Sadly our patio door is firmly closed, it's got really cool here. It's been heavy rain all day and now the winds have arrived, waiting for our homemade pizza to cook and Strickly to start. Enjoy your warm days.

  4. We are basking in warmth here today but it will be short lived unlike your spot. Most of the flowering plants are dying back so there's much to do in the garden.

  5. Here in The Dales today the rain is beating down on the window as I type this, the River Ure is well over and many roads closed and it is not especially warm either. Make the most of your Autumn.

  6. Autumn is gathering pace here in Derbyshire, the weather for the last week has been truly dreadful. I am therefore very envious of your more gentle and civilised weather, it sounds wonderful to me.