Tuesday, 21 September 2021

In Italia

Our journey started well if very early on Sunday. All our paperwork at the ferry was in order, the ship was large, new and practically empty.

Sunday we had a comfy night in the Champagne region of France, in a very small Ibis bedroom where we took turns to stand up.  It was clean, cheap and conveniently on our route, no complaints.

We had a day of delays yesterday, roadworks and confusing detours in France, inexplicable long queues for the San Gotthard tunnel, but we made it to our B and B on Lake Como and our delayed dinner reservation.  Despite completing the locator form required to enter Italy including where and when we planned to cross the border there were no checks at all, none into Switzerland either, no customs checks anywhere.

This is the lovely early morning view from our bedroom window. Just one more day in the car, with no pressing deadline to arrive and another of our epic journeys done.  The church clock is striking 7 am, the sun is coming out.


  1. What a fabulous view! It's a part of Italy that we have never explored, fearing crowds of tourists. I imagine now would be a good time to do it.
    I hope the rest of your journey goes well.

  2. Lovely lake view - safe and easy journey today to you both I am sure you'll be glad to arrive and I expect the cats will be delighted to see you although being cats they will not show it.

  3. What an amazing view. Hope you've made it back home now and have made a fuss of the cats.

  4. You are both intrepid travellers. Enjoy your return to Italy.

  5. What a beautiful view to wake up to. I'm sorry that your Yorkshire homecoming had some rather fraught elements to it. I think the feeling tetchy thing as we age is that we worry about getting out of control - we both get very tetchy about not being properly tech savvy in a world that presumes otherwise!
    Autumn in Italy, oh, you lucky thing!

  6. Thinking I might just have a virtual break in Italy this autumn, courtesy of your blog - enjoy your stay.