Thursday, 5 August 2021

A few exotics

It’s interesting to be able to grow some unusual plants in our Mediterranean climate, especially now I am limited to a small balcony back in Yorkshire.   Let me show you few examples.

Ornuhogalum Saundersan, a sort of giant Star of Bethlehem.  I bought three bulbs that I put into a pot.  In the first year I have one flower which is finally opening and it’s delightful.  

Halicacabum cardiospermum, or as I prefer Love in a Puff.  Grown from seed, I now have two well established plants.  I read they can become invasive, I’m prepared to take the risk, how could something so delicate ever be a thug.

Passiflora.  My small supermarket buy a couple of years ago now covers the trellis in front of the fuel tank, its been flowering for weeks and some fruits have set.  I understand these are not the same species as those we buy at the greengrocers but they are edible when fully ripe.
I’m also excited that a cactus that was a birthday gift several years ago, and returns to the giver for care when we are not here, is flowering for the first time.  Just think I’d have missed all this if we were allowed to travel speaking of which, we may finally be.  Watch this space.


  1. They look beautiful Jenny. I have a cactus that has just flowered too. I'm not sure quite how, as I cannot remember the last time it was watered. Perhaps it's a desperate attempt on the part of the cactus to attract my attention so that I do give it some water!! Safe travels back to Yorkshire. xx

  2. Please bring some Italian sunshine with you when you come - much needed!

  3. Love the cacti. Getting cooler here in Yorkshire now so bring your winter woollies if you make it over here.

  4. Fingers crossed for good news regarding your travel arrangements. What is the fruit on the passiflora? I've never heard of it.

  5. Somewhat surprisingly my neighbour here in North Yorks has a passiflora growing up a trellis and it usually flowers and bears fruit. I thought I’d try but my plant failed to survive its first winter!