Sunday, 12 July 2020

The journey

I was apprehensive about the drive to Italy, we left the UK immediately it was ok to do so, stocked with masks and plenty of sanitiser plus lunches, drinks etc for the route but no idea what to expect.
The UK motorway services to the terminal were only partially open so we couldn’t find a decent coffee when we stopped but a one way system was in operation, there was plenty of hand sanitiser and some washbasins and hand dryers in the toilets were blocked off to maintain space between them.
At the eurotunnel departures there were again limited facilities and we failed to find any Sunday papers to bring with us and made do with a machine coffee which was awful.
The toilets on the tunnel train were closed and we were advised to stay in our vehicle for the crossing,  We weren’t the only ones wanting a quick escape, there were long queues and we were delayed by about half an hour.  At the border the health declarations we’d completed as advised in the website were not required.
In France things were well organised at the supermarket where we always collect jams and some cheese to being to Italy, we wore our masks for the first time.  At our B and B we were the only guests, there was sanitiser at the door, we ate outside and didn’t pet the animals as we normally would.
Italy of course was different, our second B and B didn’t offer sanitiser and at times the staff seemed  to get a bit too close.  Again we ate outside, there was another family from Budapest staying and they chatted from a distance,
We stopped for a major shop just before we reached our house, again no sanitiser, the trollies were not being cleaned between customers, there were no screens to protect the till operators.  Other customers seemed to get too close and it didn’t feel very safe at all.  It seems not all the local bars and restaurants have reopened and we haven’t been down to the village.
Our neighbours have all been to see us, arriving wearing masks but taking them off to chat.  No one has been in our house,  On the mountainside it feels quite safe with all the fresh air and sunshine and since we haven’t watched tv for a week the virus hasn’t been so much on our minds.
I’d say the journey was about what I expected, lots of sanitising at the auto strada pay booths, petrol stations etc, we were careful and will continue to be so.  Another week and we can stop isolating but then again call me unsociable but I love this quiet solitude.


  1. Home from home then, but better weather! Well done too for completing that journey, I imagine some parts must have felt quite traumatising after being locked down for so long here in the UK.

  2. The joys of countryside homes quiet, isolated and feeling safe! I'm glad we won't be travelling in Italy from what you've said here. It's hard to believe that it can be so casual there after the numbers they've had ill. Thanks for the account. It's reassured me for our trip.

  3. It's interesting to hear about how other countries are dealing with COVID. Enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and delicious food as well as the cats xx