Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Another lovely day

Good morning, it’s threatening to be a scorcher here so we completed the outside duties, sweeping, watering etc before breakfast.  In fact I generally get up around 6 am, feed the cats, make tea and potter around while it’s cool.
The vegetable garden is looking good, we may have been too late putting in our tomatoes and aubergines but they look so nice a crop will be a bonus.  We are more confident that the courgettes and green beans will be productive.
I don’t have so many plants in pots this year, I am coming round to thinking that’s a good idea as it means much less watering.  Instead I can spend the time putting out and taking in my outdoor cushions.  They look lovely but in fact it’s not that comfortable on Mr FF’s new wall seat, the cats however find sleeping there a treat.
Yesterday we celebrated coming out of our self imposed quarantine with a trip to Fiuggi a nearby spa town.  We had ice cream, a walk and a sneaky look round a swanky hotel with a gorgeous pool and garden.   I checked afterwards and it’s very expensive to stay there, our pool on the other hand cost about a third of an overnight in Fiuggi and it’s all ours.


  1. Already looks like you have never been away, whereas up here in Yorkshire it is cloudy and cool.

  2. You certainly made a great escape. It took weeks and weeks for my beans and tomatoes to grow to that size but then it is raining again near Northallerton today; certainly not tempted by the idea of a garden pool- well not in North Yorkshire under today’s grey skies anyway!

  3. I like your celebratory style! Ice cream sounds the perfect treat after quarantine. I'm sure that the cats think that all those cushions have been put there especially for them! x