Thursday, 30 July 2020

Amber turns to red

Yesterday and today we have been on an amber warning for extreme temperatures, tomorrow the warning turns to a more serious red with a forecast on the mountainside for 34 degrees, goodness knows what it will be in Rome.   It’s hot, very hot, last night the temperature in our bedroom was 29 degrees.  We sat outside until midnight and by 5 this morning I had the doors and windows open to let in some cool, reducing the temperature to 27.  I slept again and woke at 8.30 feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.  Grigio slept outside and is now resting in top of the dvds.
Meantime the bee and wasp population has discovered the cooling delights of our pool.  Wasps I am happy to fish out dead but bees are different and I have a duty to rescue them.  Actually they are pretty smart and have been enjoying floating round on the noodle, the polystyrene tube we also like to float around on.  I took it out, covered in bees, this morning, now there are less around, I feel I can get into the pool for an essential cool down.
The bees have built a nest in the chimney from our boiler room, the netting that kept them out had deteriorated and they established themselves while we were away.  It’s impossible for the local bee keeper to access the nest to take them away. we can do nothing about it but hope they might leave.   A lot of them got into the boiler room through a small hole and sadly died, there were hundreds on the floor when we arrived but Mr FF blocked the gap and now they are safe.
They only became a problem during this hot spell, the worst time for us of course but then the water is probably keeping them alive.  The weather is set to cool after the weekend, let’s hope we get our pool back and don’t melt in the heat before then.


  1. Hope you can get back into a bee-free pool and keep cool x

  2. I wouldn't fancy swimming accompanied by bees. It is set to get hot here tomorrow, but only for one day!