Friday, 17 January 2020

Preserving and pampering (and pets)

Mr FF is in Tenerife, as you do he has taken himself off with one of his groups for a weeks walking at a large all inclusive hotel.  I was of course invited but the thought of mouching around all day, maybe having to be pleasant to strangers and listening to the walking chat all evening didn't really appeal and of course my life is never lacking sunshine so I am enjoying the winter here in Ilkley.  The 425 bedroom hotel with two pools, entertainment, so far including a nightclub, bingo and an Elton John tribute show,  made up my mind.  Last night I watched a programme on tv about a similar hotel in Spain, I was a bit shocked by the group of ladies who drunk 5 vodkas before lunch and then switched to cocktails and the fact that chicken nuggets were the favourite meal on the menu.  
So Mr FF is enjoying the sun and scenery when he can tear himself away from the buffet.  The island does look very pretty, he's sent plenty of photographs and the group are certainly getting away from the crowds.
I have been enjoying lazy baths, face masks, a pedicure, late night and early morning reading, too much time on the internet and strangely a lot of tidying.  I've also made the marmalade for another year, 9 jars and a small sample pot.  
I'm feeling relaxed and happy, particularly so as this morning there was an email from Mario with a photo of one grey cat.  We have no idea which one it is or if there are more but we have a cat and it looks like some sun.  


  1. Given what you say, like you I would have chosen to stay at home. Sunshine forecast for us here in Yorkshire tomorrow (sunset was beautiful this evening) so enjoy.

  2. A grey cat! Exciting! I think you were very wise to avoid the trip with Mr FF!

  3. It's been a while since The Golfer went off by himself and I'm starting to miss those times. Doing what you've just described - having some 'me' time:)
    Not sure I would've enjoyed being holed up in a place like that either!

  4. Homemade marmalade over hotel buffets (to be avoided at all costs, advised my food hygiene conscious dad) any day. Love that cat!