Thursday 2 January 2020

Another one over

I think its safe now to think about taking the decorations down, such as they were.  Despite the inspirational stately home visits, in the penthouse it was mainly greenery and candles with of course cards everywhere.  
Before you ask, yes the £5 stocking rule still applies though this year Mr FF failed miserably and ended up buying me a couple of magazines which even as an offer exceeded the budget.  I of course did brilliantly, knitted him a hat with a couple of balls of pure Falklands wool I'd found for less than £1, a book about Pompeii £1, a British made leather belt that he liked very much from the charity shop £1.99 and stuck for something to spend the last pound on I gave him a big bag of savoury snacks, normally food and drink are not allowed, snacks were this time.  Job done.
We had a calm quiet time with the nicest walks ,Mr FF out with his groups, or just he and I wandering round the town and over the river,  gazing at the really  expensive houses or sometimes up onto the moor.  New Years day there was the traditional plunge into the baths at White Wells, we walked up to see people taking part and shivering a lot.  There is a little video here from the Yorkshire Post taken this year, you get the idea of how horrible it is, by mid day when we arrived the water was filthy and 4 degrees, but Yorkshire folk, you know.
In a few days we are heading back to Scotland, sadly for the funeral of one of Mr FF's walking friends who had been ill for some time.   Afterwards we are staying a couple of days with Pam and Andrew in the village where we lived.  It will be the first time I have been back since we moved to the penthouse.  
I hope you had a wonderful time, that normality is returning and that 2020 is everything you want it to be.  Happy New Year.


  1. You did well to stick to the spending limit (I know I'd fail miserably) and if Mr FF didn't appreciate the snacks you can send them here as I've cleared us out. Enjoy your stay in your old stomping ground and very best wishes to you both for 2020.

  2. Happy New Year to you and Mr FF. I was wondering about your Christmas gifting and if you were still following the £5 rule. You did very well, I'm always amazed at how little the charity shops charge for things that are in such good condition.