Wednesday, 22 January 2020

For the girl who has everything

Mr FF returned safely last night from his week in Tenerife and life in the penthouse returns to normal.   He had lots to tell me about the trip, mainly about the all inclusive meal plan.  Its nice to have him home looking tanned and relaxed.
What present did he bring you I hear you ask, he told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands, this is my gift. 

Yes 2 kilos of Canarian potatoes, he'd told me how much he was enjoying them.  Mr FF is noted for the strange gifts he gives me, I have in the past received tools for the Hoover, an industrial size blow torch for weeding the drive, it was so heavy I couldn't lift it and we ended up selling it on eBay.  At least these will be useful and hopefully taste as delicious as he suggests.  Lucky I am easily pleased. 


  1. There's method to his madness lol
    How will he want them cooked?

  2. Not the most romantic present I have seen but judging by the time of the year it may well be the tastiest - each them quickly before they age.

  3. Roll on Valentine's day is all I can say!