Monday 5 August 2019

More for me then

Last year the single plum tree in our orchard had only a couple of fruits.  Both Mr FF and Mario told me to chop it down. Men do that, they love the slash and burn gardening and they are impatient.  A perfectly nice tree, not taking up needed space, providing greenery, I gave it a tidying up prune, some feed and left it alone
This year I saw it was flowering, watched and hoped as the fruit set and not so long ago I picked plenty of plums.  Enough to stew and serve with mascapone and crushed amarettos.  I told Mr FF he shouldn’t have any as he’d wanted the tree chopped down.  He has no faith but he did get some pudding.


  1. What a delicious looking treat and from your own plum tree. I am a tender hearted gardener and will wait years for a plant or tree to do better, as you did, with great results. This is my second year with my new plum tree and it has a good bounty of plums.

  2. I love the idea of no plums for Mr FF, you're too good to him!