Tuesday 30 July 2019


It’s amazing how a good downpour refreshes the garden in a way no amount of irrigation can.  Everything looks clean and bright, the paths are washed down, the pool is overflowing, it’s worth a day stuck indoors for all this renewal.
I have rather over filled my new raised bed with cuttings and plants grown from seed. Some haven’t behaved as I expected like the cosmos I placed near the front that have grown metres high and are yet to flower.  There are some real thugs in there, like the nasturtiums covering Mr FF’s lovely travertine and hiding a little begonia but I am pleased with the lush jungle and next year I shall know better.


  1. Plants never behave as we expect them to, do they ? My cosmos is in full bloom although I dread to think what this afternoons storm has done to it.

  2. Much better to have beds bursting with colour than plants spaced out sparsely!