Saturday, 6 July 2019

We are on holiday

in the penthouse in Ilkley.  We haven't spent a summer in Yorkshire for the last 4 years, how stupid are we.  Its fantastic, such lovely weather that we are able to show off our tans and continue to wear very little yet sleep comfortably at night.  
There's a lot going on in the town, we had an arts trail, a food festival, there is live music every weekend at the bandstand, and its all within walking distance.  We got my little yellow car back on the road but we haven't used it once.
We've had neighbours round for drinks, visits from friends and family.   I've almost forgotten the dreadful rail journey from Manchester airport and I'm pretending I don't have to do it in reverse at some stage.  
Best of all we've had the balcony doors wide open every day, we've spent a lot of time out there.  We are really getting our moneys worth from this place, just look


  1. I love Ilkley. My first husband was a watercolourist and he used to put pictures in Exhibitions twice a year in Ilkley. Not only is it a lovely town but the journey down from Wensleydale is equally beautiful.

  2. Oh, that view is sublime. Why live anywhere else???

  3. Sometimes you don't realise what is right there under your nose - enjoy it!
    When you return from Italy at the end of the season you'll come back with a better understanding of what you have.....if you follow my meaning:)

  4. That is quite some view. Hope you enjoy your time back in Yorkshire - enough time to get restocked with both yarn and Yorkshire tea!