Tuesday, 2 January 2018


So 2018, its a rather worrying year at the penthouse as Mr FF and I will be 70 in August and November respectively.    I don't feel that old but I am, I've no idea how it happened and what the coming years will bring, there's nothing I can do but get on with it. 
We continue as usual.  We've just moved ourselves into the spare bedroom and cluttered the beautiful new bathroom with our lotions and potion because tomorrow Jim is back to start stripping out the second en suite bathroom.
Today it looks like this with everything moved out, the layout will basically be the same as we've decided that having the sanitary ware built into cupboard arrangement works well, I have a lot of toiletries and I love a place to put things down.  We hope to have a walk in shower and have sourced some interesting tiles but talking to Jim I got the impression he was a bit disappointed we weren't installing another all singing all dancing bathroom.  Maybe we are starting to act our age, we'll be putting in grab rails next.
I'll keep you updated as things get worse before they get better, meantime happy new year to everyone.


  1. Me too, I like somewhere to put my toiletries - my bathroom is sadly lacking in that respect. You will have to be like me and firmly believe that you are still 29 (and avoid looking in mirrors!!)

  2. Happy New Year to you and Mr FF. Look forward to seeing your new bathroom!

  3. Funny how the longer we live, the older we get. Hope the bathroom renovation goes smoothly. All the best for 2018.

  4. Happy 2018.....hope its a good one for you xxx

  5. Happy New Year! I.m a bit late to the party ;-) x