Sunday, 24 December 2017


As ever my minimal Christmas preparation has been hurried and stressful, switching from relaxed Italian mode to full on UK festive season is always hard, its quite shocking to return late November to see the excess of consumerism already underway.  Equally my ambitious knitting schedule is never achieved, mostly socks and none of the pretty scarves I planned, but I did manage a couple of little jumpers for newly born Harry,  His Dad is a keen cricket player and fan so the cream one is for match days.
As ever Mr FF took some persuading to put up the lights, he bought some new ones this year and despite the pack saying there was about a metre of light, there were miles and miles.  I had to point out that though they looked lovely reflecting off the marble work tops this just wasn't practical, they are now strung prettily round the dining area of the kitchen which we have renamed Santa's grotto.
My brother and sister in law kindly did the present exchange earlier last week, which was a great help and lovely to see them here.  Val brought me a couple of fresh greenery arrangements so my hall is suitably decked and my brother stocked us up with veg from his garden.  
We are looking forward to a quiet time, we already have the top floor of our building to ourselves, with enough of what we need.  I hope you have a wonderful time and your Christmas wishes all come true.  


  1. Have a lovely time and a very Merry Christmas to you both.

  2. Happy Christmas to you and Mr FF xx

  3. I love a nice long string of pretty lights! Festive greetings to you! Ros x