Friday, 19 January 2018

Dusty days

It's everywhere of course despite a regular clean up session each evening and much washing of the black kitchen floor.
But progress is good, it's so worth it even if our bedroom looks like an area of mass destruction.  At some stage I need to get into my wardrobe to find a (dust free) party ensemble as we are out tomorrow.  
In this bathroom we selected two contrasting tiles, different shapes and different colours.  The grey planky ones on the floor and the back of the shower
have an interesting texture and go well with the plainer rectangular tiles on the other walls
and in real life look darker on the back wall than they do on the floor, which pleases me
Today we've taken delivery of the fittings, the shower screen only just squeezed into our lift and the plinth for the cupboards had to be carried up the fire escape, but everything is safe in our hall.  The cupboards are very dark grey, maybe granite, with a slightly metallic finish and of course all the sanitary ware is white.  We are getting there, I'm looking forward to a weekend of calm and a finish next week.  Keep you posted.


  1. Coming along nicely by the looks of it.

  2. Looking good. And you've given me some ideas for tiles as we're about to enter the world of bathroom refurbs.