Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I wish I'd said that

Today we were out looking at bathrooms, tiles etc and met a lovely enthusiastic lady full of wonderful ideas who totally agreed with me that some of Mr FF's suggestions are decidedly odd.  I told her we needed to sort out not just the bathroom but the bedroom and it's storage problems too so we moved on to discussing fitted wardrobes.  She recommended a local craftsman who would produce bespoke units with painted wood doors which she suggested should have a matt finish, adding 'of course I'm very partial to a crystal knob'.  I don't know how I kept my face straight, it's my mind I know but I've been smiling and giggling all day long.  Victoria Wood lives on.


  1. :-) :-) :-) No more to say!!!!!! x

  2. Haha, this did give me a chuckle! Happy (belated) new year to you, Jenny :)

  3. Hilarious. I follow daily tweets from Victoria Wood on Twitter - always brings a smile.