Thursday, 19 January 2017

Plots and Plans

The first weeks of January have involved a lot of scheming in the penthouse, there are big plans for more changes.
Mr FF has been drawing up ideas for the horrible black bathroom and there has been a lot of disagreement.  I want us to retain a bath, I normally use the shower in our en suite but just now and then I feel the need for a luxurious soak. We have eventually managed to fit in everything we need by selecting a hexagonal bath, we are even toying with the idea of a steam or massage shower, and hopefully there will be plenty of space to put things down, one of my main requirements in a bathroom.
I've bought my organic marmalade oranges and will soon start the big boiling session that will scent the penthouse deliciously.
I've been daydreaming over this Christmas book, lots of lovely sock ideas that match my love of cables.  
Sadly my LYS decided while I was away to become my local sewing shop so now there is no sock wool within walking distance of home. I'm very disappointed by this but keeping an eye open for some plain 4 ply that will show off the pattern detail nicely.
New tiles arrive this week for our balcony which is presently covered with rather ugly stuff.  The porcelain tiles will match the inside steps and hopefully give the overall effect of the outside and inside being one.  Mr FF is sourcing new double glazed windows for our two bedrooms, we received listed building consent for these last year but the challenges of installing them on the top floor are huge.
Planning ahead for a summer in Italy I've bought myself some new glasses.  I was sick of either wearing sunglasses and not seeing or wearing my normal glasses and squinting.  These purple ones should solve the problem although since I bought them this week there hasn't been any sun for me to run a trial.  
So lots to firm up, lots to do, more disruption, dust and debris no doubt but it's all positive, a good start to the new year I think.


  1. All excellent choices, scented by marmalade.

  2. Do you use prescription sunnies? I live in them when we're away or when it's sunny here. I have such a paraphernalia of eye gear contact lenses, reading glasses for over the contacts for close up work, normal glasses and prescription sunnies. I have toyed with laser surgery but I just think I've got to nearly 58 so I'll manage lol. We're in the process of re-vamping our bathroom too thankfully because I miss a nice soak.

  3. Somehow I found your blog years ago, when I also kept one, while I was living in Italy and trying to teach myself to knit socks! While I lived in Italy for 8 years--and we still own a house there and hope to return for at least 6 months of the year when our son enters University this August--we returned to the US three years ago...and I've switched over to quilting and garment sewing as my creative hobby. Happy to see you are still blogging...and knitting...and spending time in Italy. Our home is in southern Lazio, small village one hour SE of Rome. Ciao, Diane

  4. Nothing so good as homemade marmalade! I have that book. The patterns are gorgeous, aren't they! Good luck with the next round of some modifying! x

  5. Ooh, I do like a good plan! Love homemade marmalade though I only made a small batch this year. Funny how I still made a big sticky mess.

  6. I have the sock book, there are lots of pairs I'd like to knit. I didn't get round to making marmalade this year so will have to get my act together next January.