Wednesday, 11 January 2017

It never fails

Retail therapy works again and I'm feeling much more positive.  I decided if I was to become a couch potato I needed to do it in style so I've binned my grotty old slippers and bought these.
Beautiful beautiful Uggs, they are solid, hug my feet in sheepskin oh so cosy and almost pass as going out footwear.  
I  thought they'd be good for wandering down to our ground floor entrance hall for the post until I got caught out this week going down for a delivery for Mr FF that needed to be signed for, I was still in my dressing gown at almost mid day. I had to load four big boxes into the glass lift then carry them into the penthouse all whilst trying to stop my dressing gown flapping open.  I don't think pricey slippers made up for that faux pas but luckily I only met one person who didn't seem to notice what I was wearing.  I am now thinking I need a smarter dressing gown that veers towards all day lounge wear, or I need to get up and dressed earlier.


  1. Perhaps one of those onesie suits... one like a tiger would be very nice - might liven up your sleepwear !!!

  2. Don't worry .... my postman just laughs at me if I have to open the door for a parcel when I have just had a shower and my hair looks as if I have stuck my fingers in a socket... I have to admit to severe slipper envy ........

  3. They look very cosy and good to hear they've done the trick. I'm all for treating oneself, do it all the time.

  4. Wow! They look super snug and cosy!

  5. I like them! I have bought myself a onesie this winter to keep cosy in the evenings. I'm sure Mr JK is shuddering at the thought as he hated them!

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