Thursday, 29 December 2016

The present situation

Both Mr FF and I managed yet again to spend just £5 on each other at Christmas. Since the rule is no food or drink these two items are excluded though they were in my stocking, 
a fat rascal from Betty's that was enjoyed toasted with butter for Christmas breakfast 
and two brownies from another local shop.  Mr FF used to walk across the valley and up to the farm where they are made to buy them and delicious eggs but now the lady has opened a shop in town so that's much handier but less healthy.
In my proper stocking received several books, one of our charity shops is closing down and with everything at half price these were 25p each.  I've already read the bottom one so that can go back, the others are destined for summer reading in Italy.
Scented candles, white fig and patchouli in a pretty glass jar and fresh linen
and finally this packet of seeds made me smile so much, I know three kitties who might appreciate their very own grass to munch.  This is the photo Mario sent us just before Christmas, the best present of all.  


  1. Your mister did very well! I foresee a new career as a personal shopper. And the kitties are flourishing.

  2. I definitely approve of those edible gifts, but the best is definitely the photo of all the cats. Flo is delighted. x