Sunday, 18 December 2016

It's going OK

So the madness intensifies.  I walked into town yesterday for the newspaper, yes of course Mr FF reads the daily paper on line but with £10 of shopping at our local supermarket we get weekend papers free and I love having them.  For some reason all the shops were full of vegetables, extra displays of large packs of sprouts, carrots and potatoes.  I may have got it wrong but why do we need so many more greens a week before Christmas, next there will be panic buying and a sprout will be selling on eBay for a small fortune.  Keep calm people please. There will be the same number of people in this country at Christmas, more or less, eating admittedly a bit more food than usual but this excess is horrible and I dread to think of the waste.  
My half hearted preparations are progressing, I have already spent £1.89 on three items for Mr FF and all the family gifts are wrapped ready for delivery sometime this week.
We had our inmates Christmas lunch on Friday.  It was a bit mental as most people had forgotten what they'd ordered in advance and the organiser hadn't taken the list.  Some took other peoples orders which meant several dishes weren't claimed and other food had to be cooked involving a wait.  At the end of the meal the restaurant provided bills for each table of 8 and sorting out individual costs, some meals from the festive menu, some off piste and then the drinks took over an hour, by which time my feelings of goodwill towards men had left.
On a more positive note my dental extractions are fine, I spoke to my dentist after about 10 days as I was still in a bit of pain and was reassured and offered 24/7 advice if I continued to be concerned, I don't.
And OK yes you can see our Christmas tree on the ground floor of the building. Mr FF and I with a few other neighbours put it up last Sunday, its beautiful as usual.  The houses opposite and below us are well decked too and we get the benefit from our bedroom windows where this was taken.
I hope your plans are going well and you have a calm week. 


  1. Glad you're continuing to recover. My Christmas will be low key this year, but I have made puddings to share with Snoopydog and family on Christmas Day and will make sure that I take a bottle or two of festive spirit with me. Of course I have some treats for Flo, that goes without saying. x

  2. Well my shopping is done and dusted and the tree and lights are up. Most pleasure comes from having time to see friends and family and to knit, sew and read! :-) x

  3. That always makes me laugh too about the extra food displays and it always makes me laugh when you see people buying 10 bottles of milk, 14 loaves of bread....the shops here are only shut for 1 day!!!! lol Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous. I'm just waiting for Christmas day too now. Shopping all done for another year.

  4. I follow your blog from the Freezing Northwest of Canada....gotta retire and move South....getting too old for this! Got the same food situation up here except our food trucks sometimes don't make it. Turkey is bought in prepared and all that! Lots of bottled and frozen veggies from the summer, and I bake my own bread, so we're ok!
    My dear, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours

  5. I was at a night out, where we were going to simply split the bill at the end - but one woman said no, she wanted to pay for what she had (thinking it would be cheaper) ...... oops, she forgot about her drinks, and had to pay more!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. I buy lots more food including bread and milk because I have lots of people for Christmas and I bake, make egg nog and trifle and my own bread sauce and lots of other stuff that uses more than I would usually use. My trolley is stacked lol

  7. Dental extractions can really be difficult to deal with and the pain would last for weeks. I also got worried before but my dentist was always there for me me so I guess that helped. Happy Holidays! ♥