Saturday, 26 November 2016

Window dressing

We've settled easily into our Yorkshire life, it's always lovely to get back to the apartment and renew acquaintances with the inmates. We've already been to neighbours for drinks and tonight are next door for dinner so we feel very welcome.
And now we have new curtains.  We selected them before we went to Italy four months ago and they were made up ready when we got back. 
Unfortunately they couldn't be hung for a few days so despite the lovely day time view it wasn't exactly cosy in the penthouse at night with a large expanse of glass but well worth the wait. 
The special tape produces a wave pattern that gives dramatic pleats and works well as our track had to be hung from the ceiling to fit into the alcove for the doors.  Calculating the fabric dimensions, hook spacings etc was a challenge for the engineer, of course they fit perfectly.
So the penthouse is looking smarter and smarter,  now with lovely views inside and out.
Both make me very happy but maybe the outside one is still the winner.


  1. The view looks wonderful, both inside and out! Ros

  2. Welcome home! Bet you're missing your kitties but oh, those views from your apartment are just wonderful. Sounds like your neighbours are a friendly bunch (we're lucky here, too) and I'm sure that dinner was very much enjoyed.

  3. Gorgeous view, I think I'd want to leave the curtains open to admire it!

  4. Fabulous curtains, and I love the way they hang ----- and the view is stunning too!!

  5. Your apartment looks wonderful and the view is amazing what a fabulous place to live.

  6. I hope you've settled back home now and I wonder if I can ask a question? Can I ask why is it that you live between these two countries? I have been to Italy and it stole my heart, I imagine England would be another beautiful country to visit. I loved your story about the stamps a few posts ago. lol