Friday, 18 November 2016

Home again

We've been back in Ilkley a couple of days and now it's snowing so I'm grateful we managed our long journey home in decent weather.  We had good stop offs, the ferry from Calais to Dover was practically empty if a bit choppy and the drive back to the north of England wasn't too bad.
So lets have some kitten photographs.
Crema, female, Rosso, male and Grigio female.

 They were soon introduced to my knitting bag
and appreciated a decent quality yarn
 Although who can resist an empty box
This is Marzio our kitten from last year,  now a rather infrequent and grumpy visitor but a very beautiful young man
The coloured one is Lisa, the mother, the black one Theo the uncle and of course the kitties.  They all liked to sleep on the terrace through the summer but moved into their apartment before we left.
So we miss them terribly and are of course a little worried but Marzio survived six months without us.  These three are older and stronger so we are just hoping for the best and plan to get back to them as soon as spring arrives. 


  1. Why not take them home with you?

  2. Welcome home. Sorry, you know that I don't like cats, so I quickly scrolled past them!!

  3. Oh my goodness, they are just beautiful! Great photos! Ros x

  4. Such beautiful kittens, I do hope they will be waiting for you on your return. Those photos have cheered up my evening. x

  5. Oh how adorable I love cats I get my fix when I go off to Samos where there are always lots of kitties. When I've stopped travelling so much I will have a couple of cats at home. I do love reading your blog I'd love to have a place in the UK and a place on Samos and do as you do in Italy and U.K.