Thursday, 23 June 2016


Yesterday the travertine for the steps out onto the balcony was delivered.  It is gorgeous, an elegant and natural material that perfectly matches our fireplace. I am all smiles again and today it is being fitted as I type.
Work should be finished this evening but for now we are back to dust sheets, noise and apart from making coffee I have little to do and nowhere to sit.  
Bit of knitting progress though.  This is Cancun boxy top by Erin Kate Archer. It's a simple but clever pattern that you can adapt to suit yourself.  It's simply a case of knitting two rectangles, how easy is that.  I made a longer top than the pattern suggests by adding more bands of texture and knitting 8 rows of garter stitch rather than 4 between each band.  I used 7 x 50 g of a linen cotton mix dk I found in a charity shop for £4, basically I knit one side until I'd consumed half my yarn.  
It's such an adaptable pattern that would look good with a plan yarn but looks great with this knobbly one.  The pattern bands were interesting to knit and I'm sure more intelligent knitters could add their own, we all know how lazy I am.
Let's not dampen my parade, we are told by Extra Energy that we should receive our long promised refund tomorrow.  Watch this space, meantime concentrate on the positive if rather beige progress above.


  1. a simple pattern it might be but it is very effective.

  2. Haha, you weren't wrong about your beige post Jenny! Glad you have your steps in place. Now go and be reckless and paint your toenails some indecently bright colour before stepping out onto the balcony!

  3. You seem to have the nose for rooting out yarn bargains! Look forward to seeing this one when it's finished!

  4. The steps are looking good, and I love your knitting, looking forward to seeing you model the finished top!!

  5. I've never heard of travertine but it looks lovely and shiny. And I really like your yarn with the little flecks of colour. Hope the much anticipated refund arrived.