Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Normal service has been resumed

Finally we have our life back, this morning the fitter came to reinstate the carpet and install new underlay, we moved the furniture back, we breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.  

At last we have a lovely clean calm room, well almost, the steps and outside balcony still need to be surfaced but that can wait a while.
Actually in desperation on Monday evening we put down some of the old underlay, uncovered the sofa and the telly and sat in the lounge, it was so relaxing just to be in there and we both slept really well that night.  Now man, comfy chair and telly are properly reunited.
We love our new look room, the light and the view are amazing, it's been six hard weeks but I'm sure in a few days that will be forgotten, particularly if I ever manage to get rid of all the dust.
Next we need to decide on new curtains, that's the fun part.  And we have friends coming to visit tomorrow, they want to see our new vista, I want to see their faces when they do.


  1. I love all the light coming in.

  2. It looks fab! And if your memory is anything like mine, you'll forget it didn't always look like that. Enjoy the big reveal.

  3. Last year we had months of building work on our house, extension and a complete overhaul of the downstairs, new flooring throughout kitchen completely ripped out and replaced new windows with new bay. The builders were very good however I thought I would go mad by the end of it. Now it's like the house has always looked like that and I've forgotten the mess you will too. One thing I don't have is your view that's spectacular and I think I've said before I would get very little done lol. Your room looks lovely.

  4. It all looks fabulous!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your stunning view!!

  5. That is a triumph. Sit back and enjoy the view. All that's missing is a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses! Cheers!

  6. Lovely to come in at the end of your upheavals to see what a fantastic view you have opened up. We've been through destructive building work too and fully appreciate your relief at being out the other side.