Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Not a lot to show

I was speaking to a neighbour in our building the other day and she said when she had work done to her lounge it really took it out of her and it was a while before she recovered.  I think I am more or less back on track, as much as I am ever on track, but I know what she means, life has been so unrelaxing for several weeks.  Which probably explains the total lack of knitting.  It's hard to knit sitting at the kitchen table or on the bed or on the floor in the bedroom.  In the last six or seven weeks, two of which were spent in Italy,  I have managed to produce three socks

a pair for me 
and the first of a pair for Mr FF.  Both are in West Yorkshire Spinners yarn that was on offer with 30% off at my LYS
It's a poor show really but maybe just as well I didn't make great progress as my stash was inaccessibly packed away under plastic sheeting.  I had to use the recently purchased yarn and might have been tempted to buy even more.
As part of his recovery Mr FF has taken himself off for a few days walking, he's finishing off the Dales Way, most stages of which he has completed from home, but the more distant stretches involve a couple of overnights and then a train back from the Lake District.  So I am having a bit of me time, sitting out a lot on the balcony in glorious sunshine and yes back to knitting in front of the telly. There should be a complete pair of socks waiting for him when he gets home.


  1. That's 3 more socks than I have knitted recently!!

  2. Knitting in front of the TV--a luxury. I've been knitting in waiting rooms lately, and it's a really herky jerky process.

  3. I do most of my knitting from my bed, on it in warm weather and in it if cold! It is the most relaxing place, for me, to knit.

  4. Hope your 'you' time has been nice and productive! At least a pair of socks for Mr FF!

  5. Have to say that's three socks more than I'll ever knit. Hope the Dales Way was successfully completed and ticked off the list.