Friday, 4 March 2016

Patterns I have messed up

I finished the tunic of unknown yarn and I did knit the sleeve cuffs in pattern making them slightly flared, it's not a great expanse of knitting and I don't think eating will be as difficult as I envisaged.  Because of the problems I had getting the tension right, the armholes are a little neat and I wish I'd decreased on perhaps every third row instead of second to give more raglan.  I discovered the yarn came from a charity shop and cost me £1.50, with some leftover, so no complaints. However I like the pattern so much I am tempted to knit it again in proper 4 ply, perhaps cotton, though I do have some Guernsey cotton I could use which might be near enough, here we go again I hear you say.
Another pattern I have messed about with is Kali Kardia by Josie Kitten, my blog chum. 
I think its very clever to produce your own pattern and very generous to offer it free on Ravelry but I'm not sure how she is going to feel about me adapting it. I didn't read the pattern properly and instead of knitting one row purling the next between the chequer board rib, I knitted two rows.  I then pulled it out and following the pattern but decided that I actually preferred the mistake so pulled it out again and went back to knit two rows. 

It's a jolly nice pattern to knit which ever way you do it, I always like it when the pattern follows nicely down the top of the foot and the instructions are very clear, it helps I find to use the right ply yarn.
I am currently waiting for the Danes to arrive, sitting in an immaculately presented penthouse.  Mr FF has even moved the satellite dish he brought back from Italy but now cannot find a use for out of the second bathroom into the loft.  Life just gets better and better.   


  1. I like your 'twist' on Kali Kardia! So I'm still speaking to you!

  2. I love your tunic and the socks look good. Have fun with the Danes!!

  3. I'm the same with recipes, just can't leave well alone. Sometimes works, sometimes ends up in the bin. Your jumper looks great and the colour of your sock yarn is lovely. Sort of sky blue pink.

  4. The tunic looks great and the sleeves seem to be very reasonable - they shouldn't drag in your soup!
    Have a good time with those Danes!

  5. Ha ha!!! Love the sweater/tunic. I think it looks great. Not bad for £1.50! Ros