Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Happy Easter

My goodness those little eggs from Denmark didn't disappoint. I put them out on Good Friday but waited until Easter Monday to try them, the traditional day for egg rolling and eating when I was little.  I set them on a pretty glass dish
Then on my special Easter tea towel
They are truly delicious, a crispy sugar coating covers a layer of chocolate and then the most wonderful truffly textured marzipan chocolate and liquorice filling, with I think tiny pieces of liquorice that are slightly salty and bitter, delicious. Mr FF and I are limiting ourselves to no more than two a day and wondering where we can get more.  I shall search the net.
A couple of lovely Easter views from the penthouse, the leaves are coming out on the trees so our view is gradually changing
and of course we also got some snow, it wouldn't be Easter without eggs and snow.


  1. I'll pass on that flavour combination of eggs if you don't mind, but I am jealous of your Easter tea towel!

  2. I love chocolate, and I love liquorice ...... but I really don't like marzipan, so you don't need to save an egg for me

  3. The eggs sound eggsquisite! I like the view, too.

  4. Those eggs do sound very yummy, I must say. Love the views from your windows.

  5. Beautiful view - somewhere near Ilkley?? Not an area I know well although not all that far away. It has been a beautiful spring day here today - hope it has with you too.
    Those eggs look wonderful.

  6. They look and sound delicious. They wouldn't las long in the house of Snoops!!! x