Sunday, 28 February 2016

Spatial awareness

When I worked for a psychologist I was trained to administer and score psychometric measures of personality and ability, all of which did nothing for my popularity believe me.  I was the last person who should have been doing this, everything was so serious and sombre.  I'm sure I came over as very bossy 'please don't open your booklets until I ask you to do so' and I always wanted to say 'I'm quite normal really, I'm a fun person' but of course I never did. Another thing I always wanted to do when giving a test on spatial awareness, which I couldn't have completed myself to save my life, I wanted to pronounce the word spat ee ell, I never did that either.
Anyway the point of this post is to tell you that we have gradual made some space in the penthouse.  When we first moved here on one of our regular trips to the recycling centre with more useless items we'd brought from Scotland, we spoke to a resident who had gone through the same process, big house to small apartment.   She said it would take us at least 2 years to get sorted and rid ourselves of all our unnecessary items.  On the basis that we moved in 18 months ago and spent almost 6 months in Italy we aren't doing so bad.

Look at this for shelf space in the office, clear shelf space.

And I am delighted to have such a grown up arrangement of crockery in the kitchen.
Mr FF has spent much of the weekend working in the loft, you know how he likes to wire everything so that the telly gets foreign stations and the whole place is networked, I don't know what that means but I know he'll be happier when its done.
One good reason for this extra activity is that the Vikings are coming, our friends from Copenhagen arrive on Friday to stay with us for almost a week.  I am tempted to get out to sweep the moor and polish the streets of Ilkley having told them how wonderful it all is but maybe they'll be so impressed with the state of my cupboards and the wiring that will be enough.  I've got the glasses ready too.


  1. I am impressed by the space on your shelf! How long will it last? Hope your Danish friends enjoy their stay.

  2. We have regular influxes of Danes and I am always in a tizzy, knowing how well they arrange their spaces - how economical they are with space and how absolutely huegli they make everything. Enjoy!

  3. You sound like you're having quite a time
    right now. Good luck with all your space you
    have right now. Have a great time with your
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. Ilkley IS a fantastic place and i am sure they will not be disappointed.

  5. Seeing the space on your shelves made me realise just how cluttered my kitchen is ...... I shall have to be strong and sort out stuff for the charity shops!!

  6. It's all looking very orderly. Certainly puts my cupboards to shame. I certainly wouldn't chance sharing a pic of what;s inside them on here!!! ;-) You've done a great job! Have fun with your friends. Ros

  7. Oh, I remember those recruitment personality tests ('Would you rather be a bishop or a professional tennis player?'). Well done on all the space making. I'm betting your visitors will be so transfixed with all the orderliness, you won't need to show them anything else.