Friday, 1 May 2015

Two Good Reads Tag

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I don't usually join in these tag posts but Caroline at Mrs M's Meanderings who I consider a good friend though we have never met gave me such a glowing write up and lovely surprise this morning that I had to respond. Her tag couldn't have come at a better time (joke) since we leave on Monday for an unspecified stay in Italy, long enough to need socks I don't know, meanwhile we have the plumbers in the penthouse and it is chaos.  I had no idea we'd need to empty our wardrobes to fit a new towel radiator in our bathroom, a rant may follow.
Anyway to the job in hand, I need to give you two blogs that I love to read and while Caroline's would have been one because I love all her posts, car booting, upgrading her beautiful new house, holidays, more recently interesting beauty vlogs,  I expect that's against the rules and you need others so.

Liz at Love those Cupcakes writes such a sweet interesting blog, she lives in the north of England where I spent many happy years.  She travels extensively bringing back the most beautiful photographs to accompany detailed and interesting posts of extra ordinary places, also she shares my sense of humour. 

Josie at The Woolly Adventures of Josie Kitten is a knitter extraordinaire and an inspiration, indeed much more adventurous with the needles that I shall ever be.  Unlike me who has also attended lessons she actually learnt to spin producing some wonderful fibres and is now dabbling with writing her own patterns.  Her cat Flo is adorable too.

Liz and Josie if they wish to take part have to 

  1. Copy the tag logo from the top of this post if you like
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you
  3. Write a post recommending two blogs you enjoy reading and tag your recommended bloggers to do the same

So thanks Caroline for a great idea, sorry this is such a quickly typed up post but I hope it meets the criteria.  I too look forward to discovering new blogs but not as much as I look forward to having the walls replastered, the dust sheets gone and being able to find my holiday clothes under the mountain of garments on our spare bed.


  1. Do have a good holiday; you need to leave behind the chaos. Soon I will be complaining of having to totally empty my closet to put a new stack pipe in the upstairs bath that will be remodeled. My salvation is deciding the install all new closet storage in the space.

  2. I'm the other half of Caroline's Two Good Reads post, Jenny, and I'm really enjoying your blog. Love your penthouse - that would be my dream home. Have a lovely time in Italy!

  3. Great recommendations, Jenny, I've visited them both and look forward to reading more.

  4. Ooh, what a lovely surprise! Thank you for highlighting ltc (and thanks for all your visits!). Actually, I'm not sure I can single out just two good reads as I follow so many wonderful blogs but I'll have a think. Safe journey and have a wonderful time living la dolce vita!

  5. Thank you for your recommendation Jenny! I have just tagged two more blogs, so hopefully the blog-tagging will continue.