Sunday, 26 April 2015

My fetish for fragrance

I am having a bit of a fragranced candle fest at the moment.  I like to light a candle every day in the apartment, usually late afternoon and often when I am cooking, but my stock has rather built up thanks to a few offers and gifts.
Vetivert is one of my favourite scents, this candle from John Lewis was a Christmas gift that I never want to end.  The smell is delicious and I like the simple labelling on the jar.
On the right is a beefayre candle that I bought myself, they use natural wax, a percentage from each sale is paid towards bee conservation and the jar is so pretty and reusable.  The scent is B Happy a mix of orange and jasmine that actually doesn't smell very strong when its burning so is a little disappointing. The Neom organic candle, Happiness a mix of white neroli, mimosa and lemon was a moving in gift from the estate agents when we bought our apartment.  I'd been wanting to try these candles for a while, the head office of the company is not so far away in Harrogate and the co founder is a Yorkshire lass.   There was also a selection of Ilkley beers and a nice glass in the agents' gift pack so Mr FF was happy and it was pleasing that they had shopped locally.
These two were half price at Waitrose, at only £2.50 each a bargain.  They are a good size, each has 35 hours burn time, smell great, particularly the fruity one though vanilla is always a favourite with me and I like the reusable coloured jars.
I've had quite a few Lily Flame candles in tins, this one was a gift a while back and is almost finished, the label suggests 30 to 35 hours burn time.  Such a pretty tin it's currently sitting in our bedroom, though I never light it at bed time in case I fall asleep.  It has a very heady scent that you notice even when its not lit, in fact I have only been burning it for short periods of time because it is so intense and I may just keep the dregs to perfume the room.  
And finally my latest purchase from my local Clintons Cards, they have a surprisingly large stock of candles including Yankee.  These double wick jars are currently half price at £6 for 50 hours burn time and they are excellent, burning evenly with a good perfume.  Pomegranate and pineapple is as you would expect fresh and fruity, a good scent for springtime,  I am tempted to go back and try a few more while they are reduced if only I can find the space.


  1. Can understand the scented candle love as I, too, have them lit every day. Treated myself to a White Company Seasalt one whilst in Harrogate recently. Glorious! Have you tried scented wax tarts? They melt over a tea light in a little burner which I like to use (pretty much constantly) in the kitchen.

  2. I love Lily Flame candles - amazing depth of scent for the price. Bought a couple of Village Candles double wick jars recently - not very impressed with them.

  3. I love candles too, we bought some really lovely ones from Skye a couple of years ago and they lasted very well. I will keep a look out for the Waitrose ones when I next visit.

  4. I also love candles! The Lily Flame candles are amazing. They smell great and scant a room even without lighting them!!!! :-) Rosx

  5. I love fragrance as well! I recently started selling scentsy products and while they don't sell traditional candles they do sell safe wax warmers meaning I can leave it on all night an dnit have to worry. They offer amazing fragrances that last quite awhile. If you'd like to see the product just check out my website!