Sunday, 12 April 2015

Days like these

We had a fabulous week of warm sunny Yorkshire weather and a fantastic week of pure relaxation here at the penthouse.  I've mentioned before that we have communal gardens for the inmates to enjoy and Mr FF and I have certainly had our moneys worth lately.  Days have generally gone along these lines.
Breakfast in our kitchen dinner with the Juliet balcony doors thrown open to enjoy the sunshine that comes in through the glass atrium and heats us up nicely.  
Then Mr FF has wandered down to the roof garden that is over the garage taking cushions and reading material, after a quick doris round I have followed with more reading material, sunscreen and a flask of coffee.  We've been joined over the week by various resident cats, some more friendly than others, and a few neighbours but not enough that we've had to fight for seats or tables.
Chatting to an inmate from the ground floor who found me doing a bit of hand weeding, she told me that she has permission to plant up some of the borders and negotiate with the gardeners on work to be done.  She then invited me to put plants in if I wished and weed if I wanted to.   That's perfect, as soon as I find my remaining gardening equipment I will happily help to keep on top of the garden and root out some of the alchemilla mollis (lady's mantle) that has seeded everywhere.
We've sat out till the sun disappears behind the building then moved back upstairs to own balcony, which whilst lovely and sunny can be a bit breezy.
Mr FF has sometimes gone off into the gated garden with two lakes opposite our building, is for the residents only plus a large colony of ducks.  I haven't spent any time in there yet but I do intend to, its looking beautiful now the spring growth is showing.  
So as I mentioned recently I am not missing my garden at all, life is so much more relaxing when you can admire without responsibility.  We feel very fortunate to have so much beautiful outside space though these days of better weather have sent me back to thinking I am permanently on holiday again.  Not a bad feeling at all.
I should have taken photographs while the sun was out, its raining today so we shall have to make do with a shot of my lovely daffs, not having a garden of my own is a good excuse for buying cut flowers I find.


  1. It's always good to have a weed to pull.

  2. Glad you are still able to enjoy the garden with a little furry company.

  3. Sounds pretty good to me! Enjoy!

  4. I'm still laughing at your use of the word 'inmates' - it's giving me a whole different perspective of your swanky new apartment building!

  5. Feeling permanently on holiday (with lakeside views) sounds rather good to me!