Thursday, 1 January 2015


Obviously this isn't going to be some deep post full of reflections, resolutions and thoughts for the future but our first Christmas and New Year in our apartment have been quite special.  Who'd have thought a year ago that in 12 months we would part with our dream house, our lovely garden and approximately half of our worldly possessions.  It certainly felt good out on our balcony at the end of 2014 watching the fireworks going off around the town and on the moors.  I'm feeling positive that we have made the right decision to come here.  
Every time we go out and come home to this beautiful old building I get a thrill and now that we seem to have met all the other residents I am delighted to live amongst such pleasant people.  Maybe I do need to up my game a bit, the ladies here are all so glamorous while I hardly remember to wear my earrings let alone apply make up before I venture out.  In fact on occasions I have felt the need to change my clothes before I could go down to collect our post from the hall in case I met anyone.  Must try harder, but not today.  We are chilling, Mr FF is recovering from his man flu and up to watching a bit of recorded tv, candles are lit, the fire if glowing, we are cosy.  I'm not normally an optimist, but let's just see what 2015 brings.
The Tour comes to Ilkley
The only thing making me cross today which I must mention is the fact that Gary Verity, the Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive responsible for bringing the Tour de France to Yorkshire last year, received absolutely no recognition in the New Year's honours list.  Disgraceful, after our move the Tour was the most significant event in our year, it did nothing but good for the region including our little town.   Don't blame me if Yorkshire starts seeking independence after this, we already have our own flag and our own tea and practically our own language.
Happy New Year to you all from lovely if slightly snubbed Yorkshire.


  1. Happy New Year to you and Mr FF. That does seem to be a bit of an oversight, leaving out the TDF in Yorkshire bod. I do hope you are wearing your pearls and lippy whilst reading this, else I shall be most hurt!!

  2. Perhaps you can keep a tiara by the door you can slip it on when you go to pick up the mail.

  3. Good to hear you feeling so positive about your move, dress code nothwithstanding. I wish I was still living in Yorkshire. Local government reorganisation has played havoc with our address (we've gone from Yorkshire to Teesside to Cleveland and then there was that half-hearted attempt at Tees Valley) and now we're not part of any county.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Christmas and New Year in your new abode. May 2015 be a happy, healthy and fun filled year for you both! Ros