Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happy Christmas - it was

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are continuing the festivities. We had a last minute panic waiting for the gas man to fix our fire before we could travel off to deliver presents.  If he couldn't come on the 23 December we would be waiting until after 05 January but it all worked out and we spent a peaceful Christmas in our new home, complete with fully operational fire.
Mr FF and I were concerned that we'd have to up the budget this year but with only slight overspending on his part we managed to produce a £5 stocking for each other.  His contained only one sock as I didn't finish the second until Boxing Day but I did find a 500g bag West Yorkshire Spinners grey dk in a charity shop that will produce several pairs of socks or scarves.  
I also found him some lovely charity postcards depicting stages of this years Tour de France through Yorkshire and a book that might help him in his current quest for the perfect pork pie.  
He gave me some face cream that I was a bit dubious about but a google search gave good reviews and since the jar is unopened I'll give it a try.  He found me a dvd in the charity shop but unfortunately Moulin Rouge isn't a film I planned to see again, though looking at the tv listings over the next few days I might and long nights in Italy without UK telly, possibly I will get that desperate.
We had a sociable time over the holiday, invited round by neighbours on Christmas Eve morning and then again on Christmas Day, champagne and snacks and chat followed by a walk on the moor, parcel opening and cooking, the day flew by.
So now we are taking it easy, fellow inmates have gone for a walk round Bolton Abbey but Mr FF is a bit snuffly in a man flu way and staying home.  Pity it looks gorgeous from the lounge windows.
And its pretty inside too these little characters appeared on the landing outside one of the lower apartments, they make me smile every time I see them.  


  1. The pork pie book looks like one my husband would enjoy, when we're in England he's always searching for a good one.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. I remember reading that book some time ago and thought it interesting.

    I am pleased to know that you had a good Christmas, I hope it continues into 2015.

    We were given a ticket to ride on the Jacobite Express, something we tried to get on two years ago but had left too late...

  3. Sounds like it all came together in time and you had a great time. Impressed you managed to stick to the stocking budget with some interesting purchases. Hope the jogging bottoms are comfy!

  4. Oh you cannot beat a good pie, I bet Mr FF will have fun searching it out. Hope the man flu doesn't last too long and you can get out for a walk. Those snowy hills look very inviting. Happy New Year!

  5. Am very impressed you managed to stick to that stocking budget, Jenny. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy 2015!
    I look forward to reading all about it here.

  7. I'm glad you had a good Christmas after making such major life changes last year. Love the gifts, the wool was an amazing find! My husband only got one sock for Christmas too, must cast on the other one! You're only jealous because you don't have a knitting spreadsheet! Trouble is, there are so many sock patterns in my Ravelry queue these days that if I don't plan them out they'll never get made! Hope the Mister is over the man flu and that you got out for a walk, it looks beautiful.