Sunday, 25 January 2015

January days

I've lived long enough to know that January is a month that lasts far too long but it still seems to drag and we've had quiet days here in the penthouse.  We are still considering how to revamp our second bathroom, it doesn't have to be all singing all dancing as we'd rather put the bigger effort into the en suite when we eventually upgrade that but we would like it to be stylish with clean lines and quality fittings.  We should make more effort to visit displays in showrooms but it's January, we are sluggish.
I've been knitting of course but since I haven't had a craft fair stall for ages and no longer sell items via a local shop I am stock piling finished items. Still, it doesn't stop me knitting scarves.  A cable in some thick cream wool
 and a pretty candle flame pattern in a finer yarn.
Unfortunately there has been slight stash enhancement as I found 5 balls of this lovely Isle of Harris pure wool 4 ply in a charity shop.   In colours of the sea I am thinking of a pretty cowl, obviously I am desperate for even more neck wear.
Meantime Mr FF has blown his budget on an expensive new leather chair and footstool that perfectly match our big leather settee.  Just the spot to snooze away January, he's doing his best.


  1. Love the red chair and it looks so comfy.

  2. You ought to see if you can find a local craft market to sell all your lovely knits later in the year. Mr FF's chair looks very swish, I'm so pleased to hear that he's testing it out so thoroughly!

  3. I would happily have blown my budget for that chair and stool!

  4. Ha ha! Nothing better than an extra comfy 'snooze char. Love the pretty scarves! You can never have too many, you know! Ros