Monday, 8 December 2014

Our halls are decked

Yesterday morning there was much manly activity in the hall of our building as the Christmas tree went up.  Mr FF was there to give engineering input and very lovely it all is too. 
The final touches were added today, I am feeling quite festive which may be down to the lack of responsibility.  The decorations are excellent, completely in scale with such a grand building and can be enjoyed by all the inmates.   The tree can be seen from the entrance 

or looked down on from the internal windows and landings, 

and the basement decorations can be admired from above 
 or as you pass by on the way to the car park

There are two of these pretty wreaths in the entrance hall opposite our mail boxes
Its all quite magnificent, excellent work management committee and Santa's little helpers.


  1. Wow, those are stunning decorations. Love the photo of the four men being busy!! You'll be hanging up some mistletoe next!

  2. Lovely decorations - very tasteful, as I would expect.xx

  3. Love those decorations. Very festive. Please send Santa's little helpers here!

  4. Ooh, doesn't it look elegant? Far nicer than some shops that I have seen.

  5. Looks wonderful! And I love your use of the term 'inmates'!

  6. Nice! Does this mean that you might be changing your mind about Christmas?????!!!!!!