Saturday, 19 April 2014

At the worst of times there's always wool

We managed to get our house on the market though I have been trying all week to get the agents to correct a number of minor mistakes on the on line sales blurb.  In my day if a client had to point out (twice in writing) some typing errors I'd have been in serious trouble if I hadn't corrected them straight away. Second time we told the agents we received an email to say they will be amended, surely as quick to actually do that as to send an email, it reflects badly on the agents every time someone reads the information.
We had such a stressful time last week, not just the house but Mr FF was expecting to be going into hospital as a day patient for a minor hernia operation last Sunday.   He was due to report at 7.30 am not knowing whether he was having a local or general anesthetic or what time his op might be.  I'd already packed a bag for myself so I could wait to drive him home, book, knitting, chocolate and a map to the shops.  Less than 24 hours before his appointment it was cancelled and he's just been offered another date.   Again a total lack of information, report at 7.30 am and don't eat after certain times depending on whether its a morning or afternoon op with of course no time given for the op.   Fingers crossed it happens next week, in a way the delay is a relief as he's been busy doing some work on the garden wall and pavings, jobs that he won't be able to tackle for a while as he recovers.  
So what's a girl to do to relax as she collapses exhausted of an evening after working all day in the garden.  Knit of course.  I've been using up some lovely Farm Yarn 100% British alpaca that I've had for a while, I'm not even sure if it's still produced.  Always a pleasure to work with alpaca, I've made a couple of lacy scarves. 
This is the candle flame scarf, a free pattern on ravelry that meets my requirement for no wrong side, as rather badly displayed in the top photograph
And below is Travelling Vine from my Scarf Style book, I didn't knit the scalloped leaves edges just a few rows of garter stitch to start and finish. I even blocked a bit for you to see how it looks.
I was thinking about keeping one for myself until I remembered I made a lovely cream cable alpaca scarf not so long ago.  So these can go into the presents bag, lets call them Christmas knitting.
Of course there have been socks,  cable ones for Mr FF, from Jane Brocket's Gentle Art of Knitting.  I love cable so much, I must knit myself a pair of these particularly as I also have some cream yarn in this Regia Tweed.
So once the on line information for the house is corrected I'll give you the link, there's even a video so you can have a good look round, just don't hold your breath.


  1. Deep breaths. It all sounds horribly stressful, I do feel for you both.
    I hope Mr FF gets to have his op on the next scheduled date.

  2. Love the candle flame scarf - such a pretty pattern.

  3. I love the candle flame scarf!
    Good luck with the house selling, and I hope the operation goes ahead ok!
    ps - no blogging from me at the moment, as Typepad is having a major problem.

  4. Definitely turn to yarn, knitting is such a stress buster. Having been through a house move recently, I can totally sympathise with your angst.

  5. Love that pretty scarf and the lovely yarn you used for the socks.Ros

  6. Just remember, the pointy sticks can double for lethal weapons if so required. Just sayin.......! The candle flame yarn is really beautiful though.