Thursday, 27 March 2014

I'm afraid it was inevitable

Amidst the stress and misery of decluttering, contemplating downsizing and having a home report prepared (big rant on the latter to follow), it was to be expected that a trip to town and lunch with Helen would be the downfall of my good intentions not to acquire more material goods.  
Firstly one of those charming ladies on a John Lewis beauty counter collared me, dabbed a bit of product round my eyes, sprayed me with one of their new perfumes and relieved me of £25.  In my defence, Touch Eclat is currently one of the best selling beauty products so I really should have my own.
In Debenhams there was a 10% off event and I've been wanting some of this eau de cologne for ages,  the sales lady filled my bag with extra samples, 6 in all I gave one to Helen. 
I know this is a masculine product, but I love, as the blurb says,  the sensual blend of fresh citrus top notes and intense base notes of neroli, leather, benzoin and ginger.  I don't know what benzoin is but ginger gets my vote every time and what girl doesn't want waft around with a hint of leather about her.

Finally after lunch we ventured into Beinspired, the lovely local yarn shop in Marchmont and I was seduced by two balls of beautiful alpaca, one jade one mushroom. Even if I never get round to using this 100 g of softness they are a real non-fattening comfort, better than Cadbury's Dairy Milk which could be my next major purchase.


  1. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! Keep away from ebay girl, keep away!!!


  2. I think a little pampering is quite acceptable. I love the colours of the yarn, so pretty! A little retail therapy now and then is fine, keep it up!!

  3. All that hard work needs to be rewarded and anyway a couple of those treats will disappear soon enough. Just remember to throw the empties away.

  4. I just came back to tell you that I'm knitting Amble for the same reasons that you would knit Filey! I did consider both Filey and Robin Hood's Bay before discovering Amble. Love the new yarn and Liz made me laugh with her "through the empties away" comment!!

  5. I like the sound of that perfume, I usually prefer masculine scents over feminine ones.

    I am going to Italy at the end of May and the Giro d'Italia goes right past the door of the house we are renting! I thought you might appreciate that fact.