Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Not much to report

I haven't blogged for a while as things seem much the same round here. We've had some glorious sunny days and I've been busy in the garden, the bulbs are coming along a treat and while we may be behind most of the UK with no daffodils in flower yet, there is plenty to see.   I was working in a short sleeved t shirt today though my neighbours probably thought me mad as the ones I saw out and about were still wearing jackets and scarves.
We are still seriously contemplating moving into a smaller lock up and leave property, getting this place up to scratch and continuing the downsizing.  
Look I've already made some space in the wardrobe, OK it is the wardrobe in the spare bedroom and mine is still very full but I call it progress.  I showed Pam the other day some of clothes I intend giving to the charity shop, I slipped on one of two wool coats to show her.  She agreed it was a lovely coat so I asked if I should keep it, her answer was a firm no.  I have been known to put items into the charity bag then take them out again, I've even rescued things when I'm almost on the shop doorstep and brought them home.
Getting rid of things is hard enough without Mr FF's Yorkshire based sense of value.  I put some plates in the bin the other day, they were very cheap, the pattern was wearing off, we have loads of plates but Mr FF was quite upset as we had been using them.  I explained we have at least 18 white dinner plates in the cupboard, we will never be short of a plate.
No knitting wool or toiletry purchases so far this year, using up stock, but I couldn't resist 3 books for £1 at a community shop the other day, and now I've gone and joined our new local library. 
I was going to take this book back unread because its longish, about 460 big pages and I need to clear my own shelves but then I thought I'd start it just in case, I do enjoy Isabel Allende,  and now I'm really enjoying it. Just don't let me take anything else out when I go back to the library however tempting.


  1. Downsizing is never easy, it looks as if you are gradually weeding things out. I think I would still have to treat myself to new bits and bobs occasionally though! You can't beat a book bargain.

  2. I need to have another declutter, especially of books. It has been a lovely day here - positively warm, and so much blue sky is a delight.

  3. Yes, it's so hard getting rid. I'm really trying with the decluttering here but I just can't stop buying stuff.

  4. Your final paragraph reminded me of one of my favourite sayings (which doesn't necessarily relate to reading!). 'Just because you've got a book, doesn't mean you can't join the library'. Make of it what you will.